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Westminster London to Paris 2010 Eiffel Tower

Welcome to VeloNuts, hopefully you will find this site a source of valuable information.

We developed VeloNuts for all types of cyclists to get together from all walks of life and share experiences of riding in other countries which would otherwise prove cost prohibitive.

Our intention is not to make a profit, but just to adequately cover our costs so that we can put something back in to the sport.

We are not a company and therefore do not have salaries and overheads or shareholders to account to. Essentially we act purely as a catalyst to help make things happen.

Most organised rides are for charity whereby you have to raise a minimum of £1200 in order to take part, this is highly commendable if all the money went to the charities concerned however invariably only 20% ever reaches the charities. With VeloNuts the cost is forecast and each month you pay into an account to cover your forecast costs and if you decide to raise money for your own charity, then great, but at least you are not obliged to do so.

We discovered on a previous organised ride that "too many cooks can spoil the broth" when you have 20+ cyclists with different opinions and views then conflicts can occur which is only natural as we are just humble human beings.

From experience we have already identified what works and what doesn't, so all you have to do is book your time off work, book your travel insurance and get yourself to the departure point, hopefully everything else will be sorted. Oh the only thing is to get fit, being unprepared will not make things easy for you, the forum will hopefully provide advice, support and guidance to get yourselves fit enough to undertake these rides.

This site is currently being developed and it may take some time before all the links are functional, however the first thing to do would be to register on the forum, its a new forum so will take some time to get moving, but as with all forums, it is only as good as it's members.

We hope you enjoy this site as it develops and hopefully you will have as big a grins as we did when completing our London to Paris ride in June 2010.

Safe Riding...

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